Savage Aussies Rock Out

Tame Impala seem to connect their fuzz pedals to something primal, almost spiritual.

The Australian group recall the distorted hard rockin' antics of legends such as Cream and Black Sabbath but with their own, distinctly modern twist. A power five-piece, Tame Impala's home recorded EP last year alerted fans of fuzz to their promise.

Heading into a real, proper studio the band have emerged with a potent slice of psych-rock. Vintage '68 style riffs are met with slowed down, stoner vocals which recall modern day innovators such as Dungen.

A blistering return, new album 'Innerspeaker' is a true cosmic journey. Of course, like all the best lessons this one comes with lysergic guitars and production which documents the band's entire sound, flaws and all.

Honest without losing momentum, Tame Impala released 'Innerspeaker' on Monday (August 23rd). Catching a flight to the UK, the band are due to be rushed into Reading and Leeds at the weekend to fry minds.

Festival fans can expect something special, with Tame Impala's live show taking their stoner psych odyssey into new dimensions.

As a special taster, ClashMusic has grabbed the Crayons remix of 'Solitude Is Bliss'. Hook up below...

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