Falling From Cloud 9

It's the basement of the Strongrooms in East London, and Bella Union boss Simon Raymonde is musing on the intense velocity endured by many new groups. "Most bands these days don’t really get more than one record, it’s like a big deal made about the first one and if the second one doesn’t sell twice as many well then they’re caste aside and I think that’s really unfair as most bands take a while to get to that peak" he pleads.

An exception, though, could be Josh T Pearson. "He is an unusual case, though" chuckles Raymonde. "He’s not somebody who you would say, oh that’s the norm. He’s a very unusual boy".

That he is. Josh T Pearson first earned critical acclaim as the creative lynchpin of Lift To Experience, a band whose debut album (and masterpiece) 'The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads' was released on Bella Union.

A stunningly ambitious record, 'The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads' is steeped in religious imagery yet fuses this ire a lush, feedback driven Wall of Sound. Only at times a redemptive work, it remains a confounding, confusing document which only reveals itself after multiple listens.

A high water mark for band, songwriter and label we've decided to make 'Falling From Cloud 9' our Track of the Day.


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