Dot To Dot Takeover

The era of the bedroom producer seems to be upon us.

The chillwave phenomenon has been matched by pop minds such as Passion Pit, working in secluded rooms in suburbia. The latest in this chain is Darwin Deez whose psych-pop cast a spell on us last year.

Flooding across the blog circuit, the producer's music was wry, down beat and irresistibly catchy. Forming a full band, Darwin Deez leaped from the imagination to real life in one fell stroke.

What the second MGMT album should have sounded like, Deez' self-titled debut LP was released last year. Lucky Number handled the record, which introduced the world to the producer's inimitable psych-pop.

Which isn't to suggest that Darwin Deez is some kind of retro act. Rather, the producer uses the psych feeling to find his own identity, moving past cliché to introduce electronics and much more.

A fertile ground for guest producers, a series of remixes have linked Darwin Deez to the dancefloor. Lead single 'Bad Day' was given an overhaul by Javelin, throwing in some glitchy synths but keeping the American singer's voice intact.

Listen to it now... Grab it HERE.

Darwin Deez is currently in the UK ahead of an appearance at Dot To Dot. The festival runs between venues in Bristol, Nottingham and Manchester - check back through this week's Track Of The Day for some of the highlights from the line up.

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