Scottish Heroes Return

It's not been a vintage year for guitar music.

The buzz trends have come from lo-fi electronica, with Chillwave and Witch House sparking blogs into life. However on the fringes there remain a select few guitar groups capable of pushing music forwards.

Somewhat surprisingly, one of the finest guitar albums released this year hasn't come from Los Angeles, or even Brooklyn. Returning with their second studio effort, The Phantom Band have trounced the competition.

The band's cult debut mixed Krautrock, folk and indie rock to produce something quite bewildering. Centred on the guitar, The Phantom Band seemed to prove that there was more to the instruments than six strings played in the same old way.

A deeply inventive effort, follow up 'Wants' picks up where the debut left off. Another blast of forward thinking rock 'n' roll, The Phantom Band have imbued their second full length effort with a character of its own.

Raw, ragged yet somehow deeply sophisticated 'Wants' has already bowled over critics. A probing, searching work the new album demonstrates that The Phantom Band could become one of the most significant guitar groups in the country.

Out this week, ClashMusic has managed to get hold of the title track as a free download.

Listen to it now... Grab it HERE.

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