Indie Folksters Look Back

Sometimes you have to go backwards before you can go forwards.

Cult favourites, Peggy Sue have spent the best part of three years honing their sprightly indie folk. As charming as Mumford And Sons but with plenty of rough edges, the band have released a stream of limited edition seven inches and EPs.

Signed to Wichita, the band are beginning work on their debut album proper. Due to be released later this year, Peggy Sue's LP marks the culmination of several years work.

As a special 'thank you' to fans Peggy Sue have gathered all their singles into one neat downloadable pile. Showcasing the band's evolution, listening to the material en masse is a fascinating insight into a rapidly maturing group.

ClashMusic has grabbed early single 'Lover Gone' as a free download. An adorable slice of ramshackle indie-folk, you can expect a lot more like this from Peggy Sue's debut album.

Listen to it now...

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