The Danes Hate To See Them Leave

Scandinavia has turned itself into a musical hot spot in recent years.

Exhibit One: Efterklang. Emerging from Denmark's indie scene, the band's location - out in the sticks - allowed them to develop their own unique voice.

Much more languid and downbeat than their indie rockin' contemporaries, the band's epic soundscapes at times recall Sigur Ros. However Efterklang's breathless songwriting gives them an identity all of their own.

Returning with their new album 'Magic Chairs' the band seem on passionate form. Perhaps crafting their finest music to date, Efterklang have surprised even their most devout supporters with the risks they are taking.

Currently bowling over critics, 'Magic Chairs' could well push the band to greater prominence across the English speaking bloc.

Taken from the new album, 'Modern Drift' showcases the band's skills. Matching timeless songwriting to epic production, Efterklang have once again challenged their own boundaries - and succeeded.

Listen to it now... Download it HERE.

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