Your Hand In Mine

Simon Raymonde has every reason to be proud of the success Bella Union has enjoyed.

One of Britain's most sterling independent labels, the imprint has grown from humble beginnings to enjoy a global impact. Founded back in 1997, Raymonde immediately took to the role of label boss.

“What did I enjoy about it? I suppose just working with musicians, because being one I suppose I understood them" he told ClashMusic recently. "Being a bit older – when we started the label in ’97 I was 35 – I thought “well maybe I’ve got a bit of experience there that I can pass on”. I suppose that’s part of what I’ve enjoyed all the way through”.

Asked for a special track from the label's history, Simon Raymonde points to a song from seminal post-rock group Explosions In The Sky.

"If you don't like this piece of music, I would truly have to question whether you were human or had a soul. As important to me as any other piece of music on Bella Union. I have seen at first hand the effect it has on both a radio audience and on a live audience and both constantly reinforce the belief that the simple act of listening to music CAN really make a massive and profound difference to our lives."

Here's 'Your Hand In Mine'...


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