Cult American Heroes Return

The past decade has seen the American indie rock landscape change almost beyond recognition.

The success of The Strokes seemed to whet the public's appetite for Yanks bearing guitars. With The Shins, Grizzly Bear and more scoring chart success it seems as if anything is possible.

However the success of Spoon remains remarkable. The psych-pop group existed on the fringes of the underground, with their music forming a world of its own.

Too weird for the mainstream, too odd for the indie rock scene Spoon somehow scored a Top 10 hit with their album 'Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga'. Touring widely, the band finally achieved the success their bewildering music deserved.

Set to return with their first album in three years, Spoon release 'Transference' today (January 25th). Taken from the new album, the track 'Written In Reverse' is a spell-binding slice of other-worldly rock.

Listen to it now...

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