A JD Twitch Remix

In a way, it's sheer arrogance. When most people think of electronic music, their minds fall on the usual cities - Chicago, Detroit, London, Berlin.

Yet 808s and 303s have found their way beyond the Trans-Atlantic drift. In Brazil, electronic music has fused with traditional rhythms to form strange new music, with Baile Funk making waves earlier this decade.

Lucas Santtana though, is something quite different. Crafting bizarre, unique, contagious music his album 'Sem Nostalgia' found a widespread audience on its release last year.

Now the producer has handed his idiosyncratic creations to an array of guest producers. 'Sem Nostalgia' has been completely remixed, with the likes of Deerhoof’s John Dieterich, Burnt Friedman and Joao Brasil amongst the twelve artists who agreed to re-work Santtana's compositions.

The effort from JD Twitch caught our eye. A renowned crate digger, Twitch is one half of seminal Glasgow based duo Optimo. Recently, the pair have begun spinning obscure South American disco in their sets, allowing the primitive electronics to clatter against those infectious rhythms.

So JD Twitch is the perfect choice to tackle Lucas Santtana. 'Cira, Regina e Nana' gets turned on its head, with the Glasgow based producer adding a springy, House bounce and clattering percussion.

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