Los Angeles Beatsmith Returns

The connections are continually being made between jazz and hip hop.

Two decades after pioneers such as Gangstarr, acts such as Flying Lotus describe their music in terms used by old jazz cats. The connections are obvious - a strictly dance form which gathers an artistic mind of its own.

It's easy - and possibly trite - to view the Stones Throw crew as modern be bop rebels but the comparison is there. With Flying Lotus, crafting dance music is paramount but never at the expense of the wider theory.

Storming 2010, the Los Angeles beatsmith has released yet another blistering album, toured with Thom Yorke and curated and arts event in London. Difficult to ignore, Flying Lotus has now completed his new EP 'Pattern + Grid World'.

Which is where the jazz comparisons, sadly, must end. Sure, jazz is one part of the producer's musical mixture but added to this are shards of electronica, 8-Bit, bass music and more.

Out now, 'Pattern + Grid World' is so much more than a mere epilogue to recent album 'Cosmogramma'. Possibly pointing out future explorations for the producer, the EP is 'extended play' in every sense.

ClashMusic has grabbed 'Camera Day' as a special preview. Exploding notions of what hip hop is capable of, Flying Lotus has now moved far beyond any genre boundary.

Listen to it now...

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