No Prisoners

Bands don’t really do manifestos anymore.

Not even written documents as such, but more sloganeering – the sort of thing that propelled
The Clash to become The Only Band That Matters. Glitches might not have realised, but by placing ‘ORGANIC – IMPERIAL – GROOVES’ at the top of their Facebook page the band have unwittingly carved out a neat summary in three words.

Glitches are based in Whitechapel. The band work from a studio there, and help propel the local scene via their own Halcyon Nights installations. Glitches have an awareness of technology (the clue is in the name) but there’s something natural there, something man-made.

Glitches are intelligent, deeply literate. Well, they would be. They’re the sort of people who form a band named Glitches and write ‘ORGANIC – IMPERIAL – GROOVES’ up at the top of their Facebook page.

Earlier this year Glitches gave away their track ‘Dust & Shadow’. Now the group are gearing up for debut single ‘Leper’ on October 8th.

As a preview, Glitches have handed new cut ‘No Prisoners’ to ClashMusic. It’s all a bit epic, with the band leaving plenty of space in their music for electronics to seep forward, like grass spurting up through cracked slabs of pavement.

Listen to it now... Grab it HERE.

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