I Saw Her

Insomnia is a strange, dis-orienting condition.

After a while, the fatigue grows to such an extent that the world seems to shift, morph. Perceptions are altered, while the imagination - a psychedelic tapestry - bleeds into the everyday.

So perhaps The Insomniax are well named. Essentially UK Hip Hop, the London duo craft something which is incredibly difficult to place.

When Kai Gamma and DSV pair up, all bets are off. Debut EP 'Love She Wants' is a disparate, eclectic selection. Lead cut 'Friday Comes' is a total banger - totally suitable to the tropical, Carnival weather we've been enjoying.

Featuring Roses Gabor, the track has already breached the defences of Radio 1. For our latest Track of the Day, though, ClashMusic have opted for something with a little more subtlety.

'I Saw Her' is all about texture, with the keyboards floating along in a strange, almost concussed fashion. The vocals blur through, with the words seeming to emerge from some sombre somnambulist.

Seemingly a portrait of love, madness and violence, 'I Saw Her' is more spoken word than rap. Sitting in the lineage forged by Ghostpoet, the track finds The Insomniax staring real life straight in the eye.

Listen to it now... Grab it HERE.

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'Love She Wants' is set to be released in September.

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