Dems Remix

Remixes are a dangerous thing. You can alienate a whole fanbase if it’s not to their taste, and in most cases a remix will never live up against the original.

But, in a few cases, a remix can stand tall next to its inspiration - which is what Dems’ remix of Zulu Winter’s ‘Silver Tongue’ has done.

Deconstructing Zulu Winter’s pop writings with murky and mucky sparse sounds and beats, Dems somehow keeps the originality of the track even though it’s just mere snippets of vocals left behind, making it a ominous hybrid that bridges two completely different universes of musical tastes. The best thing about it is that it works, even though it shouldn’t.

Zulu Winter - cast, unfortunately, as the media's next great guitar hope - have come to be known for their simple yet catchy indie pop melodies with ‘We Should Be Swimming’ and ‘Never Leave’, making them a perfect candidate for a good remix.

Although Dems are still a relatively unknown group (apart from apparently having a track on Made in Chelsea), it won’t be long before every band with guitars and tight jeans starts asking them for a remix.

Listen to it now... Grab it HERE.

Dems are a London/Edinburgh collective made up of Dan Moss, David Gardener and Duncan Mann. They play Camp Basement (london) on Wednesday 23rd May and Queen of Hoxton (London) 30th June.

Words by Jamie Carson

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