Bilbao BBK Live Festival

It's the final day of the Bilbao BBK Live takeover, and ClashMusic have decided to shine the light on a certain afro clad American group...

Born from the ashes of At The Drive In, many doubted if The Mars Volta could sustain the respect afforded to their seminal forebears. However a decade on and the group exist on their own terms, with many fans being familiar with 'Relationship Of Command' through its connection to the Omar & Cedric's new venture.

With their ever fluctuating line up, The Mars Volta have always been difficult to pin down. A series of Tweets have revealed that work is ongoing on their sixth album, their first new material in over two years.

However as yet, nothing has been confirmed. 'Octahedron' fell all the way back in 2009, with The Mars Volta now set to break cover.

Confirmed for the line up of Bilbao BBK, the band's set is open to conjecture. Improvisation heavy, The Mars Volta could be set to drop a ton of new material or they could just plough through some classic tracks.

It's too early to guess... so here's a live video of 'Cotopaxi' in Abbey Road as a quick reminder.


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