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Armed with a sampler and an array of bizarre instruments, American producer Deastro has long been chasing the sounds in his head.

Dreaming of 'space symphonies' Randolph Chabot - his real name - wrote hundreds of songs before he had even turned 18. However it wasn't until last year's full length debut 'Moon Dagger' that Deastro came to wider attention.

Snapped up by Ghostly International, the producer's debut album 'Moon Dagger' was a stunning announcement. Glorious psych-pop that skirted the edges of electronica, it seemed to come from a totally different universe.

Hailing from Detroit, Deastro's almost self-imposed isolation has resulted in the birth of a uniquely inventive musical imagination. Sheltering away from the hype, the producer has slowly been working on a new EP.

Typically outré, new EP 'Mind Altar' is a stunning return. Not just left overs from the full length, the new collection has a life and spirit of its own.

Deastro seems to be advancing with each release. Where he's coming from, and where he's going, is anyone's guess - though it could be a fascinating journey.

ClashMusic have grabbed 'Get Frostied' exclusively from the new EP. Hear it first before anyone else!

Listen to it now... Grab it HERE.

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