Buraka Solo Project

Bursting out of Lisbon, Buraka Som Sistema mixed underground dance music with pounding African rhythms.

The city's role as a port means that it is continually importing new nationalities, flooding the electronic scene with new influences. A stunning act in themselves, Buraka Som Sistema have now spawned several solo projects.

Joao Barbosa has decided to briefly leave behind his cohorts in Buraka Som Sistema to release a solo track. Using the name J-WOW the producer has returned to his roots in the sound of Kuduro.

Matching rattling African rhythms to four-on-the-floor beats, J-WOW's new track 'Spark' is due to be released on Enchufada. Following limited edition cuts on Diplo's Mad Decent imprint this track sees J-WOW establish an individual voice.

Whereas Buraka Som Sistema is out and out party music, J-WOW is rather more subtle, more explorative. "With Buraka, we would start with a rhythm or a beat, but these songs are built with melodies and loops as the starting point" he explains.

"The sound is a little more personal."

Set to play a series of European shows, J-WOW's new track 'Spark'is out now. ClashMusic has decided to give away a fresh remix, courtesy of fellow Lisbon based producer Diamond Bass.

Listen to it now... Grab it HERE.

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