Demented Nashville Rockers

Nashville residents Turbo Fruits debuted their first LP a couple of years ago to a decent reception.

But at that time, guitarist vocalist Jonas Stein was finding sweet distraction in another garage-rock unit, the awesome - but now-defunct - Be Your Own Pet.

Turbo Fruits condense a similar gung-ho spirit as BYOP, but with Stein at the helm the onslaught of sound isn’t quite so disorienting. The new album ‘Echo Kid’ will expertly switch from carefree jaunts that harp back to classic Sixties American rhythms, then fire off into full-throttle freak-outs that must make their live shows pretty darn enjoyable.

Loud, raw and razor-harp, ‘Mama’s Mad Cos I Fried My Brain’ is the track we plucked from the release to offer up as today’s giveaway. Download for free by right clicking HERE.

The LP is out on Ark Recordings, November 16th.

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