The Drop

In the nefarious, nether-region known as club land a second can be a life-time and one night can destroy a career.

So ten years - a full decade! - represents a life time. Yet recently The Nextmen dug up a collaboration they kicked off ten years ago and you know what? It still sounds pretty fresh.

Of course, it helps that The Nextmen have never been ones to stick to the latest style. Ploughing their own furrow, Brad Baloo and Dom Search (for 'tis their names) fuse reggae with house, techno with the blues.

Working with Joe Dukie from Fat Freddys Drop, The Nextmen completed four tracks which are now set to see the light of day. A new EP will be released on Friday (September 21st) as a free download, a thank you to fans for their support.

ClashMusic have gained a stream of 'The Drop'. Loping a blues guitar riff, The Nextmen throw down a hip hop beat before inviting live brass into the studio.

Joe Dukie's vocals are suitably soulful, while there's a reggae lilt sitting just underneath the surface. It's extremely subtle, though - 'The Drop' of the title remains tantalisingly just out of reach...

Listen to it now...

Watch out for The Nextmen's free download EP tomorrow!

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