Kuduro Challenge

One drop, two drop, three drop, four...

The sounds of Kuduro have become an unmistakable part of the dance landscape, becoming perhaps the first African derived beat to infiltrate electronic music. Portuguese crew Buraka Som Sistema have popularised the beat, while the Enchufada label are responsible for a recent challenge.

Inviting several young producers to take part, the label gave them each a Kuduro beat. The results are intriguing, with each beatsmith seeming to take the rhythm in completely opposing directions.

Gathered on Enchufada's new 'Hard Ass Sessions' compilation, the finished product is mighty impressive. Opening cut 'Waiting On' comes courtesy of highly rated New York based producer Brenmar.

Mixing hip hop with electro and lashings of British bass flavours, Brenmar seized on the challenge. “The 140 bpm was the first thing that I put down. Most Kuduro is that tempo, so that was a given" he explained.

"A lot of Southern hip hop is also 140 bpm which is where the vocal hook is from. The arp synths are very house, which help balance the more aggressive elements, and I thought it would be fun to play with a cheekier timbre since most Kuduro is very atonal.”

Joined by London's Kry Wolf, Cardopusher and Munich producer Schlachthofbronx 'Hard Ass Sessions Vol. 6' is an inventive and deeply varied take on the Kuduro rhythm.

Out next week, ClashMusic grabbed Brenmar's cut as a taste...

Listen to it now...

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