Bilbao BBK Live Festival

Rock music is dead. A redundant art form, forced back into a ghetto where it survives on continually rehashing the past.

Evidently no one told TV On The Radio. The Brooklyn group have spent the best part of a decade contorting rock into bizarre new shapes, producing albums which can stand alongside some of the finest guitar documents.

Taking time off, the group underwent some changes. Closely linked to the Brooklyn scene, Dave Sitek was forced out of Williamsburg due to spiralling rents and began a series of side projects.

Kyp Malone released a solo album, as the band's hiatus stretched on. Re-uniting last year, TV On The Radio were faced with re-gaining momentum to surpass a back catalogue which contains 'Dear Science' and 'Return To Cookie Mountain'.

Finding their focus, the band completed 'Nine Types Of Light' earlier this year. Released this month, it finds TV On The Radio moving in new directions without losing sight of their identity.

Set to play this year's Bilbao BBK festival, the band will join a bill including Coldplay, Amy Winehouse, Beady Eye and more. Taken from the new album, check out 'Will Do' below...

TV On The Radio - "Will Do" by Interscope Records

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