Gothic Rural Novella

At this time of year, the countryside takes on a unique atmosphere.

The low Autumn sun casts lengthy shadows across empty fields, with the descending darkness playing tricks on the mind. Not for nothing did our ancestors name October 31st as All Hallow's Eve - the night when the dead return to Earth in spirit form.

Tapping into this unique rural Gothic aesthetic, the new album from Siskiyou has a palpable atmosphere. The second album from Colin Huebert and Erik Arnesen's project, 'Keep Away The Dead' finds Siskiyou turning into a fully fledged band.

Expanding to a four piece, the musical confidence the move inspires has allowed the pair to stretch their songwriting wings. Touchstones include Neil Young - the band cover 'Revolution Blues' on their new album - with their fiery acoustic driven music having an edge of real menace.

An atmosphere seems to run through 'Keep Away The Dead'. Right from the opening bars of the title cut, Siskiyou match a blissful melodic sense with something more complex, something darker.

Whereas the band's debut was a series of short, sharp tunes 'Keep Away The Dead' finds Siskiyou branching out. Allowing their songwriting to breath, the new album is imbued with a rare confidence - match a sense of control with tense yet subtle arrangements.

Recorded in the Canadian countryside, 'Keep Away The Dead' seems to find inspiration in remote locations, turning inward to find something new.

Taken from the new album, 'Twigs And Stones' is the perfect introduction to their arching, tender songwriting.

Listen to it now... Grab it HERE.

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