Polite Swearing

For most people, the 20s are a period where dreams dissipate and expectations fall.

Gradually adjusting to life in the slow lane, as the 20s draw on there falls a slow realisation that you might - just might - not achieve the dreams you set out to claim. Manchester United might not sign you. You probably won't play saxophone in the E Street Band. Kiera Knightley is not going to start following you on Facebook.

With this disappoint, though, comes renewed strength. You begin to realise where your true greatness lies - it might not be in the penalty box, for example, but instead an unerring ability to keep paperclips organised.

This Many Boyfriends clearly know where we're coming from. 'Polite Swearing' covers much the same ground, but with far more wit, verse and power chords.

Two contrasting quotes:

Richard: “I was trying to make the backing shouting sound like pop punk from the early 2000s because the day before recording me and Laura had been watching Sum 41 and Blink 182 videos on YouTube!”

Ben says: "It's the first TMB song he's written and he was writing to the This Many Boyfriends formula, with a catchy riff as the chorus. And that the riff was meant to sound like a Motown horn section."

- - -

This Many Boyfriends are set to release new single ‘Number One’ on October 1st. Catch them at the Old Blue Last tomorrow evening (Thursday 20th).

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