Sa Sa Samoa

Korallreven make dream pop that is worth dreaming about.

Yet in a perverse twist the duo named last year's debut full length 'An Album'. A dull, prosaic, every day name for a release which was quite, quite special the dichotomy seemed to suit Korallreven.

The group's music unwinds at its own pace, the dreamy atmospheres creeping out of the stereo in a slow burning push. Something to stumble over, to savour and enjoy 'An Album' deserves something suitably low key.

Taken from said album, 'Sa Sa Samoa' has become one of Korallreven's most dissected tracks. The introduction of Julianna Barwick’s beautiful tones undoubtedly helped matters, but the vocalist merely channelled the fissures running through the duo's music.

Inspiring numerous re-workings, the latest is perhaps the most ambitious. The 'For Real For Sure For You' version opens with some synth Impressionism - all deliberately hazy electronic tones and soft vocal samples.

Electronic pointillism, the 'For Real For Sure For You' version seems to achieve a lot with very little - hinting at something massive without breaking scale.

The tribal African chant of the original eventually makes itself heard, with 'Sa Sa Samoa' remaining as giddily infectious as the moment we first heard it.

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