Sweary Kraut-Funk Goodness

There's an old cliche about Krautrock as being cold and Teutonic.

Yet why is it so damn funky? Canadian synth collectors Holy Fuck resurrect the ghosts of German heroes such as Can on their new album, a stunning example of Krautrock influences translated for the dancefloor.

The follow up to their superb 'LP' album, 'Latin' finds the group on ferocious form. Holy Fuck retain the experimental whims of their previous efforts, but condense their ideas on top of some frenetic rhythms.

Taken from the new album, 'Red Lights' is a jerky slice of Kraut-funk. The bass line lays down a stone cold groove, yet this isn't some elastic Bootsy Collins workout.

Holy Fuck stick rigidly to the rhythm, their white boy reserve producing something deeply funky. Archaic synths groan and when in the background, before the whole thing explodes into shards of antique technology.

With their new album out now, and a British tour approaching, ClashMusic has grabbed 'Red Lights' as a free Holy Fuck preview.

Listen to it now... Grab it HERE.

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