Folk Inspired Duo

Away from the flash-in-the-pan world of the mainstream, traditional music still lingers.

Take Les Shelleys. An American duo, Tom Brosseau and his singing partner Angela Correa are taking time off from making sublime indie-pop under the name of Correatown.

Turning instead to traditional music, the pair have strapped on their acoustic guitars and plundered the vaults. Plucking out their favourite traditional songs, Les Shelleys were born as a way of re-inventing them.

Given unusual new arrangements, the pair were inspired enough to compose original material to sit alongside them. Signing to Fat Cat, Les Shelleys move between Leadbelly, Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan towards more modern fare.

Recorded at home using a minidisc recorder and minimal equipment, the resulting album has a unique atmosphere. Neighbours come and go, the floorboards creaking under their feet as they interrupt the recording.

'Les Shelleys' contains moments of rare vocal interlocking, the really idiosyncratic take on the American folk legacy.

Initially recorded by Leadbelly, 'Bring A Little Water Sylvie' has a loose, very natural arrangement which lends an atmosphere of the familiar.

Listen to it now... Grab it HERE.

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