French Electro Team Up

The mysterious world of French electro has rarely been so productive.

It seems that almost every week some shiny new slice of vinyl comes our way, stamped with the moniker of a hip Parisian label or producer. Not content with releasing material under their own name Brodinksi and Yuksek have teamed up for a new project.

Taking their inspiration from London's notorious 60s underworld, The Krays are ready to do business. Debut single 'We're Ready When You Are' is a pulsating slice of electro which is already tearing up dancefloors around the world.

A huge release for Annie Mac, the track is the first release for the hotly tipped Abracada label. Based in Paris, the label unites some of the forces behind French electro's biggest success stories to date.

Attracting the attention of some sterling remixes, ClashMusic has grabbed a re-working by DJ Mehdi. Bound to become one of the summer's biggest tracks you can download the remix for free!

Listen to it now... Download it HERE.

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