Roundhouse Rising

Joy. Ecstasy. Exuberance.

Beaty Heart seem to provoke some strong emotions. Some bands sound like people attempting to imitate hyped up five year olds - Beaty Heart seem to actually be five year olds who have blagged themselves instruments.

Tackling a number of diverse projects, Beaty Heart hit the Roundhouse late last year to collaborate on an ambitious installation project with visual squad EYESONTHEWALL.

A groundbreaking mixture of pop melodies, innocent electronics and mind-boggling visuals the brain frying experience marked Beaty Heart out as being more than yr average synth-bearing band of newcomers.

As part of the Roundhouse Rising forum, Beaty Heart were invited to return to the venue. Helming a typically engrossing show on Friday night (February 10th) the band were joined by the Roundhouse choir.

EYESONTHEWALL - who owe their origins to the venue - were on hand to supply some decidedly psychedelic visuals.

A band who seem to progress in leaps and bounds with each performance, Beaty Heart recently handed their track 'Cola' over to Kid Kanevil for a swift remix.

Retaining the wide eyed innocence of the original but boosting their lush synth sound, you can download the remix of our latest Track Of The Day.

Listen to it now... Grab it HERE.

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