Folktronic Troubadour Returns

Merging acoustic songcraft with skittering electronica, James Yuill became emblematic of the 'folktronica' scene.

Yet there was always a lot more to the singer than that. Last year's 'Fire' and 'Earth' EPs split his schizophrenic style, with one focussing on songcraft and the other on dance production.

Strengthening his tapestry of sound, James Yuill was able to enter the studio with renewed confidence. What emerged from sessions earlier this year could well be his strongest effort to date.

'Movement In A Storm' was a stunning return, moving Yuill's songwriting into new dimensions. Informed by lengthy spells on the road - 105 shows in 16 different countries - the London singer has expanded his sonic vocabulary alongside his horizons.

Lead single 'On Your Own' was an addictive slice of melancholic pop. Released as ever through Moshi Moshi it came backed with remixes from the likes of Hot City, Summer Camp and XI.

To celebrate the release of James Yuill's second album ClashMusic have grabbed the Hot City remix. Fellow Moshi Moshi signings, the duo have turned 'On Your Own' into a shimmering electro epic.

Listen to it now... Grab it HERE.


Big Chill Festival 2010

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