Record Store Day Takeover

The inherent dichotomy running through Paul Westerberg, his double helix of success and failure, centres on his total inability to give a flying fuck about any notion of a career. Through his work with The Replacements and beyond, the songwriter has been capable of crafting the kind of throwaway joyous alt pop nuggets that save lives.

Just a shame he’s not seen that much benefit from it.

One of the singer’s high points was a collaboration with Cameron Crowe. The veteran journalist was behind the 1991 film ‘Singles’, a Seattle romantic comedy which accidentally documented a nascent grunge scene. Inviting Paul Westerberg to contribute to the soundtrack, the songwriter obliged with two tracks which are both utterly fantastic and absurdly wasted on often dismissed score.

Fair Ohs have stepped in to record two fun, throwaway versions of two fun, throwaway tracks. Collected for Record Store Day, ‘Somebody’ / ‘Dyslexic Heart’ are two slabs of slacker genius, from one generation to another.

Eddy Fair Oh: “The Replacements and Paul Westerberg totally shaped how I approach music and have had a pretty big impact on Fair Ohs too. These two songs are two of the best songs Westerberg has written, and I really hope we did them some kind of justice”.

'Dyslexic Heart' opens a week long celebration of Record Store Day on ClashMusic. Adding some typically off kilter Afrobeat flourishes, Fair Ohs play it relatively straight during their tribute to Paul Westerberg.

Listen to it now...

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