Kuduro Crew Return

Bursting out of Lisbon, Buraka Som Sistema seemed to reflect an Imperial experiment gone wrong.

The children of immigrants, their music at once reflected the city's electronic scene and the tribal beats of their homeland. Inspired by Kuduro, Buraka Som Sistema were an unrelenting, bass led soundsystem force.

Taking time off to focus on side projects, labels and more the Portuguese group returned last year. Travelling to Africa, Buraka Som Sistema picked up a few inventive collaborators along the way.

Refining their mixture of European production and African rhythms, the beat crew stumbled across some fascinating talent. New single 'Hangover (BaBaBa)' has its origins in Angola, where the group collaborated with local musicians.

Featuring DJ Znobia, the cut is typically buoyant return which has already pushed its way into the summer soundtrack. Buraka’s Kalaf Ângelo remembers, “He played us one of his tracks featuring Nacobeta, a local MC, where he used this hook and it immediately got our attention!"

"We then used it in some of our early shows and the crowd loved it because of its simplicity and raw energy. While working on the new album, the beat we produced with Stereotyp had that same energy so it made perfect sense to bring it back for the chorus and close the cycle.”

Co-produced with Stereotyp, 'Hangover (BaBaBa)' is the first track to be taken from the band's upcoming second album.

Listen to it now...

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