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Ariel Pink is a one off.

The Los Angeles artist seems to create music in a frenzy, driving himself into different areas of songwriting. Since beginning music in 1996 Ariel Pink claims to have recorded some 500 songs moving from lush psych pop to abrasive electronica.

Drawn into the world of Animal Collective after pushing a CD-R into their hands, Ariel Pink has focussed his creative energies recently onto the Haunted Graffiti project.

Leaving behind his lo-fi home studio, the Los Angeles artist entered the brave new world of professional recording. The result is an album which will no doubt bring Ariel Pink to much deserved wider attention, retaining the individuality of his early career yet adding a much needed coherency.

'Before Today' is an eccentric mixture of glam rock, West Coast funk and Merseybeat harmonies. The wealth ideas is matched by a new production sheen, with Sunny Levine (Quincy Jones' grandson) dropping by to help out in the studio.

Currently on tour across the country, Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti have released 'Bright Lit Blues Skies' as a digital single. A gloriously bizarre slice of outsider pop, you can download it for free!

Listen to it now... Download it HERE.

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