White Chalk

The extent to which electronic music has intersected with British songwriting is staggering.

Even groups who outwardly adhere to the guitar, bass 'n' drums archetype are showing signs of sneaking off to Plastic People in their spare time. A Cardiff / Bristol based duo, Face + heel are clearly inspired by classic songwriting - think PJ Harvey, Kate Bush and Leonard Cohen amongst others.

But there are also traces of club culture. Covering PJ Harvey, 'White Chalk' is a thing of beauty - all longing piano chords, windswept lyrics and cathedral reverb.

Except there's a drop - a flippin' drop - right there in the middle. The track suddenly clicks into gear, with the elements of half step, of bass weight adding a renewed sense of intensity to the track.

Recently dropping by seminal London night Boiler Room, Luke Taylor and Sinead McMillan appeared to be equally at home in a club environment as they would be in, say, St Pancras Church.

New EP 'No Stars' is out now, with the digital download set to be matched by a ten inch vinyl pressing. ClashMusic have grabbed 'White Chalk' as an exclusive try-before-you-buy kinda deal...

Listen to it now... Grab it HERE.

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