Record Store Day Approaches

It's almost here...

Just one more sleep to Record Store Day. We say 'sleep' but we'll be camped outside our local vinyl emporium, ready to snap up copies of extremely limited records so we can mp3 them and stick the plastic on eBay.

It's only fair...

The list of releases out tomorrow has been growing with each passing day, but a new cut from Charlotte Gainsbourg has caught our eye. The French chanteuse recently approached Villagers frontman Conor O'Brien asking if the two could collaborate.

Writing a song especially for the singer, Villagers obliged with a studio session taking place late last year. The resulting tracks are now set to gain a full release, with a limited edition seven inch due tomorrow (April 16th).

'Memoir' is a typically moody track, with tracks of Villagers folk style. On the B-side, fans can claim a brand new track from the Irish group with 'Set The Tigers Free' following naturally on from their Mercury nominated debut.

As a special bonus, O'Brien has crafted some eye catching artwork for the sleeve. Listen to a snippet below...

Villagers / Charlotte Gainsbourg - Record Store Day 7" by DominoRecordCo

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