Guillemot turns solo

Solo turns can often end in disaster.

Anyone ever heard a Mick Jagger album? Exactly. But Guillemots never operated in a straight forward fashion. With their freeform orchestral pop, the band played shows in caves while releasing a stream of acclaimed material.

Guillemots have decided to take a break, with singer Fyfe Dangerfield choosing to indulge his solo whims. Working alone in the studio, the multi-instrumentalist has been able to focus on his pop tastes.

Debut solo effort 'Fly Yellow Moon' is out on Monday (January 18th). A stunning blast of musical virtuosity, the album demonstrates that Fyfe Dangerfield can thrive in any environment.

The singer preceded the album with the new single 'She Needs Me'. Released this Monday (January 11th) the track is a string filled stomper that borders on soul and psych.

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