Reclusive Songwriter Returns

The past five years have been a worrying period for fans of Sufjan Stevens.

The maverick songwriting specialised in ambitious concepts, such as his plan to craft an album for each state in America. Last year, though, Sufjan Stevens appeared to suffer a crisis of confidence, revealing he was unsure how to continue.

Giving increasingly puzzling interviews, Sufjan Stevens almost seemed sick to death of songwriting. With fans becoming ever more worried, the American musician cut through these doubts in the most emphatic way.

Confirming details of his new album 'The Age Of Adz' the singer also completed a new EP. 'All Delighted People' was released via his Bandcamp page, a frequently stunning and creatively ambitious work.

Now Sufjan Stevens has continued this glut of new material with a special preview track from 'The Age Of Adz'. Set to be released later this year, the album will contain the six minute electronic epic 'Too Much'.

A riveting, expansive work 'Too Much' is not pop music, but more of a mood piece. Breaking free of his songwriting shackles, Sufjan Stevens appears to have abandoned concepts and found a new voice.

Download it HERE.

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