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For all their pomp, precision and widescreen flamboyance Arcade Fire are - at heart - another rock band.

But what if Arcade Fire went electronic? Imagine if the band's sense of the epic could be transported into dance music, with their human, personal touch left intact.

Decibels are certainly eager to pick up the challenge. Four musicians, four keyboards and plenty of imagination the band have been picking up momentum for the past year or so.

Comparisons have been made with Four Tet and Mount Kimbie - ones we don't necessarily endorse - but such counterpoints merely emphasise how difficult the band's music is to define.

Set to appear on an upcoming Bleep comp, upcoming single 'The Lesser' is bound to leave its mark.

The track we've been given, though, is something suitably grandiose. The opening seconds of 'Melancholy' are all epic synths and ambitious vocals, hailing somewhere between Win Butler and Jeff Buckley.

Sweeping, soaring songwriting Decibels really do manage to match a sense of the widescreen with something personal. 'Melancholy' grows, pirouettes with the four voices veering in and out of one another.

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