Dirk Bogarde

Disco has endured a long, strange journey.

Born in the gay clubs of New York, the genre took on the world before sheer, absolute bigotry pushed it out into the doldrums. Thankfully, true style never goes out of fashion and the past decade has witnessed a new breed of producers picking up where Moroder et al left off.

Disco Bloodbath have led the way. A revolving crew of DJs, producers and designers their nights (and releases) have stamped a very modern face onto the disco chasis.

The imprint's latest release comes from G&S. Nadia Ksaiba and Matt Waites made their name at the turn of the 21st century, helping to define an era of renewed glitz and glam in the capital's clubs.

Deciding to produce their own cuts, G&S have carefully built up a discography littered with disco balls and feather boas. 'The Green Man EP' is out now, and finds the duo swapping original material with remixes from Soul Jazz, Comeme and DFA artist, Capracara.

For Track Of The Day, though, we're turned to something from G&S themselves. 'Dirk Bogarde' is named in honour of the iconic actor, and there's an element of sheer class here.

The circling 303s give way to a bouncy, House inspired beat that sits right down and does its thing. Expanding, evolving but never losing sight of its essential energy 'Dirk Bogarde' is all cheeky, slinky Saturday night fun.

Listen to it now...

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Check out Disco Bloodbath at this Friday's (September 14th) XOYO re-launch. The London venue has had a facelift, and is throwing open its doors for a special night featuring the DEEP SHIT crew, Glasgow crate diggers Optimo and more.

Line up: Deep shit (Foals & Friendly Fires DJ Set) / Optimo / The Revenge / Krankbrothers / Disco Bloodbath

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