London Punk Upstarts

Delilah and Ursula and Amelia.

Such pretty names for such an abrasive, unpolished sound. Working together, the trio form Skinny Girl Diet - a band who have been gradually drawing attention over the past 18 months.

They're difficult to avoid. On record (well, mp3) Skinny Girl Diet make the kind of unholy, screeching racket that fuelled the infamous first Peel session from The Slits - y'know, the one where the band were running on pure, unpolluted energy.

A glimpse at their blog provides a visual counterpoint. Looking like a teenager's MySpace profile circa 2005, Skinny Girl Diet toss together scanned in draws (done in felt tip), neon fonts and photos taken on the most basic of equipment.

In an era when even the most unknown bands are seemingly experts in computer coding, it's endearingly amateurish to be confronted by such a relentless barrage of conflicting tastes and information.

It's also blissfully youthful. Skinny Girl Diet are young, and we don't mean 'indie young' - a state which permits The National to wait until their 40th birthday before deigning the world with anything worth speaking about.

The London group are fresh faced innocents making a stripped down, jarring racket. It's unsettling, but we'd be lying if we said it wasn't exciting.

'Insomnnia' is our latest Track Of The Day. It's two and a half minutes of collage rock, Riot Grrl with the emphasis on the riot.

Listen to it now... Grab it HERE.

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Skinny Girl Diet are set to play Roundhouse Rising on February 18th.

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