Whatever That Means

Those bloomin' Scandinavians...

Every time we think the Nordic countries have exhausted their musical supply, have drained themselves of artistic imagination yet another new group comes along intent to rock our socks.

Next up: HIGHASAKITE. A three piece from Norway, the band have already caused the Scandinavian press to break down into little bubbling puddles of superlatives.

It's fairly easy to see why. The band are an intriguing proposition, matching blissful indie pop with electronic inflections to a rare sense of fantasy. There's a whimsical air to new EP 'Indian Summer' - the sound of HIGHASAKITE simply letting their mind wander, letting thoughts, dreams flow out unhindered.

There's an element of Broadcast here - not least in the vocals - the sign of a band in touch with the more gently surreal realms of the conscious.

Take 'Whatever That Means'. There's a pop core here, but not something you would find in the charts. Instead, HIGHASKITE surround their melodies with unusual instrumentation and an unsettling, chiming synth line straight out of 'Tubular Bells'.

Listen to it now...

'Indian Summer' is out now.

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