Intelligent Math Pop

Progression comes in many guises.

Chicago group Maps & Atlases began life as a difficult math rock collective. Jagged guitar lines would explode in different time signatures, artfully blending jazz and post-hardcore.

However since 2008 EP 'You And Me And The Mountain' the band have mellowed somewhat. Maps & Atlases have swapped cerebral elements for something more subtle, more pop inclined.

Focussing on songwriting, Maps & Atlases have introduced pop elements, layering acoustic guitar underneath their jerky riffs. Now signed to Fat Cat, the Chicago group completed their debut album earlier this year.

Debut album 'Perch Patchwork' is another step forward. Like TV On The Radio, Maps & Atlases combine experimental music with a pop touch. A remarkable first attempt, the LP moves from Can to Afrobeat, while adding some folk derived songwriting.

Preparing to return to the UK for a series of tour dates, Maps & Atlases will see out the year by bringing 'Perch Patchwork' to British shores.

Taken from their debut album, 'Solid Ground' is centred by fixed rhythms and moves outwards. An ambitious piece of songwriting, the track is a spectacular introduction and kicks off the thoughtful experimentation of 'Perch Patchwork'.

The latest 'Track Of The Day' you can download 'Solid Ground' below.

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