Ten Moments In Oasis' Live History

To celebrate Oasis' return and the official release today of hundreds of thousands of tickets for their 2009 Stadium tour, we've put together some of the most memorable moments the Manchester giants have had on and off tour. From making their way up to Glasgow in a battered Transit van to backflipping off tables into alleged Mafia personnel, the Oasis live story makes most bands look like withering tourbus recluses. It's just what they do, and if there's a few casualties along the way, then so be it.

10) Live By the sea

This classic VHS (now DVD) of their '95 show filmed at the Southend Cliffs Pavilion, also features their original, brillo-haired sticksman Tony McCaroll. Noel would later go on to sack the drummer, allegedly greeting his departure with "sort your drumming out, you curly haired c***. Early Oasis at their best, then.

250,000 people, John Squire playing 'Champagne Supernova'

9) Noel's Broken Ribs

From Noel striking the opening chimes of 'What's The Story...', anyone who hit up YouTube upon hearing the news couldn't have expected to see what unravels. Noel jams away unknowing whilst Liam glares at the crowd like he's about to leather the lot of 'em, next thing a limb-flailing loon has snuck out of nowhere and Noel is on the floor, Liam goes in for the jab and the man is 'dealt with'. Two million YouTube hits, court hearings and a cancelled tour ensues. Ever the hero, Noel got back on stage and finished the set.

8) Glastonbury

Liam managed to hit the headlines and get us all chuckling mere hours after arriving, by claiming "I'm only here for the money". He would later don a brand new snow-white parka jacket for their headline slot, as the crowd chewed mud and battled trenchfoot beneath. Still, a great Oasis set and memorable moment. Just don't mention the Jay Z Glasto fiasco of '08.

7) Oasis Nearly Split

Not a positive moment in Oasis' history (likewise, the assaults on Noel) but Noel recently announced the band almost called it a day in 2000 after the release of 'Standing On The Shoulders of Giants' and the departure of Guigsy and Bonehead. "There were years of a real total lack of inspiration," claimed the guitarist. "When Gem and Andy joined they were like: 'F*ck that, we want to be in 'Oasis'! We don't want to be in 'Sweaty Bogeys' or anything like that…!' And it was like: 'You've got a point!'"

6) Right Hook Riverside

During an early gig at the Newcastle Riverside, a security breach saw a 'fan' clamber on stage and punch Noel in the face. The man later claimed he let the jab loose because he was annoyed the band chose to play Newcastle rather than Sunderland.

5) 'Supersonic' On The Word

This classic 90's TV show was an alternative cult phenomenon, and Oasis' rendition of 'Supersonic' only helped to cement its iconic status. The band, still relatively up-and-coming at this point, unleashed a punked-up take of the 'Definitely Maybe' classic on their TV debut, and Britain went duly apeshit for the Manchester outfit. A million miles from the world-beating Stadium monolith of today, which makes it all the more essential viewing. So good Liam even bring his own camcorder.

Liam thumping a team of alleged Mafia personel in a hotel

4) Maine Road

The pre-Kneworth masterclass that saw the brothers Gallagher play to a mammoth crowd in their hometown and also the home of their beloved Manchester City FC. Bassist Guigsy was particularly touched, having played at the club ground regularly before a torn ligament stopped his football dream. Still, this must have been better than running for 45 minutes a half, Guigsy.

3) Liam Karate Kicks The Mafia

Oasis were forced to cancel dates on their European tour in 2002, specifically one show in Germany following a brawl that saw Liam thumping a team of alleged Mafia personel in a hotel. The legendary tale has gone down as rock n roll folklore, with the singer allegedly waving ornamental ashtrays around the lobby and landing karate chops on various individuals. After dental surgery the tour continued.

2) King Tuts Wah Wah Hut

In '93, a band who'd reportedly made their way up to Glasgow in a battered old van forced their way onto the bill demanding to play a few songs, caught the attention of one onlooker - Allan McGee. 'Definitely Maybe' was born. McGee got rich. Oasis sailed into the history books.

1) Knebworth

The moment that defined the Britpop era and influenced future generations and a musical landscape to this day. 250,000 people, John Squire playing on 'Champagne Supernova' and a support bill that read like the best festival bill in the world at the time. Robbie Williams and Coldplay may have attempted to better it, but its unlikely either got close or ever will to replicating its impact.


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