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Electronic whirlwind, Tim Healey is one of the most prolific artists working within the shifting boundaries of electronica today. A founding member of the London-duo Coburn, Healey has gone on to run two labels, front numerous dance floor projects and work with artists ranging from Tomcraft to SirReal – both of who appear on new album, 'Rest in Beats'.

The new LP, the first Healey has released in five years, has all his typically ambitious trademarks running through it, from a cover of the Beatles’ ‘Dear Prudence’ to a spoken word piece by Mat King AKA Super Hans. He’ll be playing this summer’s Spectrum warehouse party and we’ve got three sets of tickets to give away. See below for details. Clash caught up with the man himself to find out more.

This your debut album as Tim Healey?

It is yeah. Obviously before that I did the Coburn project, and I’ve been releasing since 1996 through various formats. After bringing out a string of singles as myself, I thought it was time to remind the world that I don’t just write music that’s 128bpm. As much as I’d love that!

What’s the style is the album?

There are a number of tracks on the record in the style that I’m known for, because I didn’t want to go right out on the other side and confuse people, but there are still a lot of tunes that aren’t aimed at the ‘peak time club dance floor’. I wanted to flex my production muscles and embrace all kinds of music. I’ve always loved applying my knowledge of Electronica and applying it to different genres and sounds. Ones that fall between Techno, Dubstep or even pure Pop. One of my favourite moments on the album is when we cover ‘Dear Prudence’ for example.

Was this always your ambition?

I always felt quite focused in the respect that it was always going to be an electronic album, and then a wink and a nudge in an urban direction. Whether that was having an MC on a track or having a jumped up rhythm or just going for a pop sound with multi-layered harmonies on a female vocal. I’ve always been about juxtaposition with my music, with tracks constantly changing direction. It’s when you hear the whole work that it makes sense.

Will you be touring the album?

Yes, we’re playing in Singapore! I need to sit down and crunch the logistics of everything. I’m going to take SirReal with me, who’s played with Prodigy and Pendulum; and then the lovely Pippa Trix, and present them as a Tim Healey Sound System at a Hennessy party out there and generate more bookings!

What’s next for you?

Well I run two labels – Giant Pussy with Deekline and we’ve got some releases lined up for that and then the other label, Surfer Rosa, which is the label this album has came out on. We’ve got a whole string of releases coming out on that. Then I’ve got another band project under wraps, which I really can’t say anything about but it will be coming out next year – it’s likely to see me fronting a band with some very exciting people….

Words by Sam Ballard

‘Rest In Beats’ is out now

To mark the release, Clash have got three pairs of tickets to see Tim Healey at Spectrum’s London Warehouse Party on July 2 2011 at Ewer Street Warehouse.

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