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Seeming to emerge from nowhere earlier this year, Theme Park have an irresistible pop touch.

Take new single 'Milk'. Sure, it references Talking Heads but it's springy rhythm is virtually impossible not to bop along to - or in the case of the ClashMusic team, jiggle in Ikea office furniture to.

Out on December 12th, the fast rising youngsters are signed to Transgressive. A label renowned for their ability to bring out the best in new talent, Theme Park are now able to focus on completing a full length.

All that, though, is in the future. For now, ClashMusic can offer the video to 'Milk'. Featuring a rather dashing looking young gentleman wandering around a dis-used airstrip, the solitary walker is joined by more and more young 'uns until they find a milk truck and have a jolly nice hoe down.

We kid thee not.

Watch it now...

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