Cult indie outfit returns

With indie pop being the in-thing with fashionistas, hopefully all that attention will bring some just rewards to a few cult talents.

Take The Wave Pictures. Formed in a small town near Leicester, the band have been working together for over a decade. The kind of song a day outfit who seem to crank out an album every other week, the group have mysteriously managed to escape wider recognition.

Signed to Moshi Moshi, The Wave Pictures are set to return with their new album 'Beer In The Breakers' later this year. A typically acerbic, whimsically surreal offering it finds the group working in a more hospitable musical environment.

Will they enjoy wider success? Or fall at the final hurdle? Tracks like 'Little Surprise' could hold the key. Buoyed by the kind of melody that drills into your ear, the lyrics are a like a crossword puzzle to come back to over a few days.

Pop to be savoured, check out the video below...

The Wave Pictures - Little Surprise (official video) from Josh Wroe on Vimeo.


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