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The Big Chill festival takes place at Eastnor Castle Deer Park in the Malvern Hills from the 5th-8th August with headliners Massive Attack, M.I.A. and Lily Allen.

It's been a long, entertaining road and now The Big Chill is finally upon us. Point your browser now to our festival hub page to keep up with all Clash's coverage across the festival.

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0 days to go!

Video of the Day Husky Rescue - New Light Of Tomorrow

"Marko Nyberg is pleased to be back home. "Helsinki is a really beautiful place, especially at this time of the year, all the trees are so full of colour, it’s really beautiful." Having just returned to autumnal Finland from the United States, Marko is filled with memories of how Husky Rescue started."
Read our Ones To Watch interview with Husky Rescue

"Austin, Texas? Easy: BBQ and country and western. Done. Err, no, ‘fraid not. Ill-informed preconceptions aside, there’s a hell of a lot going on in Austin that involves neither cooked beast nor whiskey-sodden slideguitar ballad: a rich and varied music scene, gig venues galore, a thriving film industry and some of the best festivals around. And some pretty fine bands, including the mighty Explosions In The Sky. Munaf Rayani, one of Explosions’ three guitarists, here waxes lyrical on music, movies and love for his adopted hometown."
Read Explosions In The Sky's guide to their Austin, Texas hometown.

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Us English are renowned for loving a good brew, and for thousands of hungover and dehydrated festival-goers it’s the only remedy to feeling slightly human again. This is where Mr Scruff’s Tea Tent comes in. Like us, when Mr Scruff isn’t DJ-ing, producing or drawing cartoons, there is nothing he likes more than to tuck into a good cup of tea. And if he isn’t drinking it, he’s making it."
Read about Mr Scruff's Tea Tent at The BIg Chill

"The Big Chill feels your pain and the Words in Motion stage is hoping to soften this inevitable blow, by treating Big Chillers to ‘An Evening of Unknown Pleasures’ on the Sunday night. With co-founder of Joy Division and New Order bassist, Peter Hook and the best selling author and notorious drug smuggler Howard Marks, taking to the stage to talk to the audience about the Hook’s brilliant best-selling book, 'The Haçienda - How Not To Run A Club'."
Read about The Big Chill's Words In Motion stage with Howard Marks and Peter Hook

1 day to go!

Video of the Day The Bug - Poison Dart feat. Warrior Queen

""This record has become a fucking… motherfucker!" As promotions for your forthcoming album go, this isn’t necessarily the kind of pithy soundbite a label is gunning for from one of their recent signings. But then The Bug (AKA Kevin Martin) doesn’t seem the kind of bloke who places much currency in conformity."
Read our interview with The Bug

"Classically trained, Deborah Coughlin came up with the idea for Gaggle as a response to a male dominated music industry, which she believes depicts female artists as overtly sexual, way too much."
Read an interview with GAGGLE on their unique style.

2 days to go!

Video of the Day LoneLady - Intuition (LA Session)

"An antidote to the electro-femme glut has arrived in the form of indie débutante Julie Campbell, the sole originator of LoneLady."
Read our Ones To Watch interview LoneLady

"Liars don't tend to think in straight lines. The Stateside band's idea of progression seems to come in bursts of unexpected inspiration. From a post-punk clatter to a concept album about witches, Liars have enjoyed confounding expectations."
Listen to Liars' 'Scissor'

3 days to go!

Video of the Day M.I.A. 'Born Free'

"A twelve-year-old red-headed boy dodges bullets before running onto a landmine and instantly exploding. Amongst the scattering limbs you catch a glimpse of a fragment of face flapping to the ground. M.I.A. is back. And her frustrations are getting explicit."
Read our interview with M.I.A.

"We present an exclusive live set from the eight-legged live electronic outfit that is 2020Soundsystem. Recorded during their recent US tour, the set was taken from their performance at renowned New York club Studio B towards the end of last year."
Listen to and download a Dj Mix from 2020 Soundsystem

6 days to go!

Video of the Day Portishead and Massive Attack's 3D - 'Glory Box (live)'

"For a band so shrouded in myth and mystery it's a wonder Massive Attack producer Daddy G even owns a mobile phone. It's an even bigger shock to find that contrary to his band's dark, uncompromising music the man himself is friendly, polite and above all self-deprecating."
Read our interview with Massive Attack's Daddy G

"Their contribution to Track of the Day sees Hyperdub's Cooly G take one of the album's poppier tracks, 'Medicine Man' featuring vocalist Eska Mtungwazi, and send it down some rather less chart friendly but equally interesting alleyways further challenging what you think you know about Zero 7."
Listen the Cooly G remix of Zero 7's 'Medicine Man'

"The ratio of weird displays to normality is set to be tipped off the scale with the introduction of The Popcorn Cabaret. Offering the marriage between the sublime and the absurd, the performance group is due to follow BFI and Warp Film and curate The Cinema Tent for Sunday at the festival."
Read about the Popcorn Cabaret's plan for the Big Chill

7 days to go!

Video of the Day Toddla T's music guide to Sheffield

"Dragging Sheffield’s legendary bleep scene kicking and skanking into the future is boy wonder Toddla T, whose unique take on digital dancehall and rudeboy electronics has been honed in the Steel City’s studios and warehouse dances until it’s sharp enough to kill."
Read our Ones To Watch feature on Toddla T

"Their contribution to Track of the Day sees Hyperdub's Cooly G take one of the album's poppier tracks, 'Medicine Man' featuring vocalist Eska Mtungwazi, and send it down some rather less chart friendly but equally interesting alleyways further challenging what you think you know about Zero 7."
Listen the Cooly G remix of Zero 7's 'Medicine Man'

8 days to go!

Video of the Day Martyn 'Twenty Four'

"Over the last year Martyn reached critical mass - the Dutchman’s beautifully subtle take on modern bass music having made him a regular darling of the trend press for the last few years. "
Read our interview with Martyn

"Clash took Ganglians to a disused East End massage parlour for an intimate shoot and chat about the fundamental nature of ‘being’ and sunsets on acid."
View our fashion shoot with Ganglians

9 days to go!

Video of the Day Villagers 'Becoming A Jackal' (Live on Later with Jools Holland)

"Conor O’Brien is an Irish poet in the grand tradition. He has been a cover star in his native Dublin for the last year, where big-eyed Irish poets with scuffed jean cuffs and a soul-acute acoustic sound do well. "
Read our Ones To Watch feature on Villagers

"The history of jazz has been the history of challenging boundaries, of pushing back perceptions of race, gender and above all music. A loose knit London collective, Polar Bear mix jazz with frenetic punk funk."
Listen to a Track of the Day from Polarbear, 'Peepers'

"Tate Modern’s Rude Britannia display at The Big Chill couldn’t be more fitting. The comedic exhibition is currently showing at the gallery and investigates British humour and art from the 1600s up until the present day."
Read more about 'Words in Motion – Tate Modern Presents: Rude Britannia: British Comic Art'

10 days to go!

Video of the Day The Ruby Suns 'Cinco'

"The Ruby Suns are one of the few bands out there who successfully bridge the gap between world music and indie, carving their own niche of psychedelic sunshine experimentalism from African grooves and global sounds. Just think Animal Collective meets Fela Kuti and youíre nearly there. "
Read our interview with The Ruby Suns' Ryan McPhun

"Godfather of electro-funk and general DJing legend Greg Wilson is the man in charge of this weekís mix, giving us all a solid reminder of what the scene is really about, along the way showing why heís acquired the sort of reputation that most DJs would give both their index fingers for."
Listen to, and download, a Dj mix from Greg Wilson

13 days to go!

Video of the Day Patrick Wolf 'Damaris'

"There are many theories as to how to become a bona-fide rock star. Some people suggest taking the enigmatic approach, a la David Bowie. Others feel that the loudmouth, posturing route of the Gallaghers is failsafe. Patrick Wolf has somehow managed to tread a fine line between the two, never holding back in his opinions or stories, yet somehow maintaining an air of mysticism that is fascinating."
Read an interview with Patrick Wolf

"Ex-Beta Band renaissance man Steve Mason on his private life as a scooter boy. 'As a mod in Scotland we didn't quite wear tartan parkas... Up there we would wear boating blazers, Sta-Prest trousers, loafers, smart shirts and Fred Perrys. "
Find out about Steve Mason's 'Private Passion'

"Now back by popular demand, this yearís movie sets will see each day curated by various big names from the world of film"
Find out more aboput Warp Films at the Big Chill.

14 days to go!

Video of the Day Natty 'Cold Town'

"Twenty-four-year-old folk/reggae/rock artist Natty doesnít just transcend musical genres. Hailing from north Londonís Archway area, heís also one of the very few people in music who have managed to bridge the gap they call the Thames, and happily make his way into the south of the city. ìI not only worked there, I actually lived there for four or five years. Iíd say I was from both now. Iím a middle Londoner,î he laughs as heís mocked for going to the south side."
Read our Ones To Watch feature and interview with Natty

"Signed to Hot Flush, Mount Kimbie are mavericks even within the underground world of dubstep. Live, the duo refuse to deal with dubplates and Pioneers, preferring instead to cut and paste their tracks live."
Download the FaltyDL remix of Mount Kimbie's 'Serged'

15 days to go!

Video of the Day Mystery Jets 'Dreaming Of Another World'

"The Mystery Jets are hung over. Early afternoon, just after sound check, it’s rock star o’clock, and the band join me in Manchester’s Big Hands bar on day three of the Dot To Dot Festival. As they order cocktails, and enjoy the attentions of the two female fans that have joined us, I can’t help but feel a bit jealous. "
Read our interview with Mystery Jets

"View a gallery of photos from Paloma Faith's gig at Leeds' O2 Academy on 20th March 2010."
View a great live gallery featuring Paloma Faith

16 days to go!

Video of the Day Stornoway and Beth Jeans Houghton at Bergenfest 2010

"Beth Jeans Houghton is a hard one to pin down. Her music that is, not her personally (she's got little defence to a half-nelson.) So, in trying to describe her sound, Clash gave up and just asked her. “I want it to sound like gospelly 'marching-to-war' music, as opposed to just being ditties,” Beth tells us when pressed. "
Read our Ones To Watch feature on Beth Jeans Houghton

"The first rays of sun are met with a volley of Beach Boys CDs, with 'Pet Sounds' charting the rising temperatures. The Magic Numbers are set to return this year, and with them the blazing sun - coincidence? ClashMusic doesn't think so."
Listen to, and download, The Magic Numbers' 'The Pulse'

"Whether it’s the comfort of the sound of crackling wood, the opportunity to warm up our wellies or our cave-man fascination in watching the flame rise, fire remains a massive part of the festival experience. This innate love of all things blazing and our desire to be amazed is something that The Big Burn at The Big Chill Festival has become renowned for combining."
Find out about The Big Burn's pyrotechnic plans for the Big Chill

17 days to go!

Video of the Day Broken Bells - 'The High Road (live on Letterman)'

"Merging the best of both worlds, Broken Bells is not another supergroup - it’s the personal experiment of two artists hungry to evolve."
Read our interview with Broken Bells a.k.a. Danger Mouse and The Shins' James Mercer

"Keyboard Choir formed in 1994, using a traditional band setup to perform using purely electronic sources and ‘found sounds’. The result is a massively enjoyable concoction of crafted but organic-sounding electronica, enjoyed by – amongst many others – musical genius Brian Eno. A seal of approval if ever there was one."
Listen to and download a dj mix from The Keyboard Choir

"Illusion is a light sculpture on a canvas of 32 vast balloons, all spaced out across an area the size of half a football pitch. Each night, the balloons have life breathed into them with the help of light and music."
Find out about artist Benson Trent's Big Chill plans

20 days to go!

Video of the Day Chrome Hoof - 'Tonyte (live)'

"For ten years, Chrome Hoof have made music so futuristic it’s risked alienation. Their new album, however, seems their most accessible yet. Let’s be straight, nobody with a sane pair of ears is going to call ‘Crush Depth’ easy listening, but it’s an album of some damn fine funk, electro, and jazz to excite the ear’s taste buds."
Read our interview with Chrome Hoof

"Clash brought together two generations of London’s dance pioneers, Joe Goddard of Hot Chip and Greco Roman Records and hot post dubstep producer Roska, and this is what happened... "
Read our Joe Goddard Vs Roska Personality Clash interview

21 days to go!

Video of the Day The Phenomenal Handclap Band - '15 to 20'

"Two New York DJ’s, Sean Marquand and Daniel Collás, had a vision - to create a group who could soak up the sound of their city. The result? The Phenomenal Handclap Band - a bitchin’ brew to funk with your head. "
Read our Ones To Watch feature on The Phenomenal Handclap Band

"Today finds Track of the Day once more hijacked by a band of Brooklyn-ites, today The Hundred In The Hands. The duo are Jason Friedman and Eleanore Everdell, both former members of The Boggs (Eleanore in the touring capacity only) who created a musical ghetto away from the band which flowered after The Boggs were "set aside" (to quote their MySpace announcement)."
Listen to The Hundred In The Hands 'Dressed In Dresden'

"While whipping off everything but your wellies at a festival would normally lead to a public indecency charge or a few hard-to-explain-to-your-boss Facebook pictures at the very least, The Big Chill Festival is encouraging it. Heck, Spencer Tunick is requesting it, all in the name of art."
Read a feature on artist Spencer Tunick's planned show at Big Chill

22 days to go!

Video of the Day Andrew Weatherall talks about drugs

"Andrew Weatherall’s going backwards. Sat in his ever-dark basement London studio, he reveals that his debut album, some twenty years behind schedule, was actually produced in reverse as if it was a remix. The main guest vocalist is, in fact, the singer who Weatherall transformed nearly two decades ago into the ultimate acid house muse: Bobby Gillespie."
Read our full interview with Andrew Weatehrall

"John and Jehn are just as ridiculously attractive and cool in the flesh as one would expect. They are aware of their visual appeal but refuse to be characterised by their looks - they want their music to define them."
View our fashion shoot with John & Jehn

23 days to go!

Video of the Day Giggs - Don't Go There

"The line between a rhyme book G and real deal hustler has always been a blurry one."
Read our Ones To Watch feature on Giggs

"Merging acoustic songcraft with skittering electronica, James Yuill became emblematic of the 'folktronica' scene."
Listen to the Hot City remix of James Yuill's 'On Your Own'

24 days to go!

Video of the Day Caribou - Odessa

"When Dan Snaith decided to name his solo electronic music project after, a Canadian province, he had absolutely no idea that it would create such a furore."
Read our full Caribou interview

"One of the most innovative names in dubstep grabs control of our exclusive DJ mix this week – the very talented and all-round affable chap, Bass Clef – otherwise known as Ralph Cumbers."
Listen to, and download, our Bass Clef dj mix


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