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Technology has completely altered all previous forms of communication.

Why call when you can Skype? Why visit the library when you can purchase a Kindle with 3 million historic books? And why listen to the radio when you can browse through expertly crafted podcasts?

Roundhouse Rising is set to shine a light on the rise of the Podcast with the one off Penniless Podcaster seminar on February 18th. Radio 1 producer Amy Redmond is set to guide attendees through the process of making a Podcast, while also discussing its importance and the ramifications the format holds for accepted media.

Ahead of the event, ClashMusic asked Amy Redmond to introduce the Podcast and some of the themes running through her seminar.

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Radio 1's new controller Ben Cooper said this week: "Traditional radio for young people is dead in about a generation. We've got to work out what radio looks like on a smartphone, iPad, IPTV".

As a fan of radio and new technology I second that, and I enjoy hearing and being a part of where radio goes next. Why listen to some ego play songs and waffle, with, worst still, radio adverts (my pet hate) when you can choose exactly the programmes you want to hear and listen to them anywhere you are?

Welcome to podcasts: a confusing/stupid sounding word? Fear not, it's just a little radio programme (they can also be video too), chose ones you like and BAM! they appear in your iTunes. How many people haven't yet clicked the Podcasts tab on their itunes?! It's right there, have a go! It's free!

The BBC pioneers the game, from Annie Mac's minimix to Radio 4 Science, there are podcasts about whatever you're into. But there's a world of interesting free programmes waiting for you - I listened to a drum and bass one in the gym then one at home on knitting this week, gangsta!

People podcast to share their passions, it's a quick and easy way for anyone to become broadcasters. If you feel passionate about something, you could make a programme about it using free software, get it online, gain followers and potentially make your passion your career. It could be just a fun side project, it could add to your business, but it's proven that it works. You can start online communities, or tap into already existing ones by making your podcast, having a blog and open comments.

Tempted to make your own? If you have a computer you can, its freakin simps! Mac? Use Garageband. PC? Download Audacity. Record whatever it is you want to straight into the timeline, or using your phone/separate mic/recorder. Then mix with music/sound FX and BOOM! Stick it online with Soundcloud. Listen to some to get an idea of whats out there / what you do / don't want to sound like.

Podcasting, alongside mainstream radio has had and increasingly is having a massive effect on the music industry. In an industry where Lana Del Ray can blow up within a month, or Madonna's new video can be trending within minutes we are living in fast-share, immediate access times. Musicians and their teams and radio and podcasters work hand in hand to keep listeners up to date with latest artists, releases and industry information.

Check out the award winning Hackney Podcast, celebrating Hackney creatively with audio., also you must hear some Guardian Podcasts, its first rate shiz! I also really rate The Other Woman podcast, a great example of getting opinions and issues talked about in an accessible, fun format. And I may be slightly biased cos I work there, but the BBC Podcasts are to me, the best in the world, the variety and quality are astounding, I can't recommend them highly enough.

Think you haven't got time to listen to podcasts? YOU DO! Bored on the train? Then! Watching shit TV? Then! Jogging? Then! Driving? Then! Have them on your iPhone / pod / whatever and you're free to hear quality programmes and music FOR FREE whenever and wherever, it's the future! Oh no it's not, its the NOW! Get in!

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The Penniless Podcaster takes place between 1pm - 5pm on February 18th at the Roundhouse, London.

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