HUNKS + All star indie cast

Well it's that time of year again.

The time when the crunch of tinsel under the feet of desperate shoppers is soundtracked by a variety of X Factor hits from days of yore. Can you hear Simon Cowell cackling far off in the distance? Us too.

Well help is at hand. Welsh indie group HUNKS crafted an alternative indie anthem, and in a show of togetherness roped in some friends to record a small piece for the song.

Expanding into a Band Aid style collective, rumours of Bono style mullets amongst the indie clientele have yet to be established. Amongst HUNKS friends on this recording are members of Los Campesinos!, Sky Larkin, Slow Club, Sound of Arrows, James Yuill and plenty more.

Due to be released on December 14th, all proceeds from the track are set to be donated to the RSPCA. A worthwhile cause, and a heart warming song. Check out the embarrassing Christmas jumpers below...


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