The headliner, the hype, the surprises

This weekend saw hordes of music fans, bands and liggers decamp to the seaside to make like Graham Greene and make Brighton Rock.

With so much new music on offer to lend our finely tuned ears to, we were out at the crack of dawn (well, midday) to maximise our chances of mining the brightest gems from the dirty coalface of The Great Escape.

The team of Clash scattered far and wide, braving dive bombing sea gulls and gusty sea breezes.

After a comprehensive search involving plenty of beer, lots of venue crawling and some rather painful performances, these artists are our best of the best from a brilliant weekend.

The Headliner - Sufjan Stevens
Hype Bands - The Jezabels, Braids, Mona, Gang Gang Dance, Yuck, The Vaccines
Sneaky Surprises - Lucy Rose, Bonjay, Deep Sea Arcade, Foster the People

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