Vampish new video...

Watch The Fresh and Onlys new video for ‘Presence of Mind’.

The San Francisco band release their fourth album, ‘Long Slow Dance’ today on Souterrain Transmissions. Following from their brazen guitar led first single ‘Yes or No’, ‘Presence of Mind’ takes a mellow route juxtaposing Tim Cohen’s heavy baritone against light guitars with a Marr style tender touch.

The Dawn Carol Garcia-produced music video, is perhaps more morbid than the track itself: imagine 'Black Hole Sun' meets 'Shaun of the Dead'. It’s moderately creepy even in this ‘vamp-romance’ Twilight world.

To make things even more exciting, if not unsettling, four of the actors are real life physicians (this could be your doctor), and apparently actual Ryan Gosling who is an actual celebrity was set to play a vampire but couldn’t make it. Despite Hollywood rejection, the show must go on, in the form of gigs.

Check out the video below - find the full list of live shows after the jump.

5 Preston The New Continental
6 Liverpool The Kazimer
7 Manchester The Ruby Lounge
8 Bournemouth The Winchester Pub

Words by Michelle Kambasha

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