Innuendo and spangly thongs

The Cuban Brothers - the funniest performers on the circuit - are back with more innuendo and spangly thongs.

If anyone can hype a festival crowd up, The Cuban Brothers are the masters. Consisting of ‘former porn star’ Miguel Mantovani, his nephew Archerio and Japanese love child Kengo San throwing some serious b-boy shapes on the stage in nothing more than a spangly thong and a drastic orange ‘tan’, and Clemente, Miguel’s uncle and brother on the decks, this group know how to throw a party, with tongue firmly in cheek.

“The first time we played the UK festival was with Fatboy Slim in Glastonbury 2000,” remembers Miguel. “And I was doing a lot of naked stuff there and managed to get norman naked, which was nice for him.” Despite jetting off to festivals around the world, Bestival is held dear to the Brothers’ hearts.

“Bestival is very important for us - we’ve been involved since inception and running this thing. Rob [da Bank] tries to be the face of it, but, you know, we are inside, doing the things and making it happen for him.”

This year, The Cuban Brothers’ performances will consist of Miguel and the boys performing songs off their upcoming album ‘Yo Bonita’ with a live band, which is clearly an exciting step. So Miguel, seeing as you’re such a seasoned festival-goer, do you have any advice for the crowd? “Be careful if you’re taking drogas inside, be careful because sometimes the police are there with the dogs. So find a really great place to secrete it.” Thanks Miguel.

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Words by Laura Foster

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